Center for Robotics and Embodied Intelligence

Emerging technologies are the ones that move science and technologies forward. The SCSU emerging technologies center named Center for Robotics and Embodied Intelligence is mostly engaged in technologies that cover biological and non-biological beings, such as humans, viruses, robots, molecular robots, intelligent systems including biological and artificial, biosignal processing, as well as biological and artificial brains.


Labs and interdisciplinary interdepartment collaboration

 The Center is collaboration between Computer Science and Biology programs and contains on two labs:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Biocybernetics Lab located inside the Computer Science program, Head: Dr. Stevo Bozinovski
  • Medical Science and Neurophysiology Lab, located in the Biology program, Head: Dr. Liljana Bozinovska, MD.PhD.


Figure: Poster of the Artificial Intelligence/Robotics/Biocbernetics Lab

Figure: Image of AI/Robotics/Biocybenetics lab, room ECSC 233


Initial funding

 The Center is formed by the two million dollar grants from NSF being active from 2006 to 2011.

 Educational and lab activities

 Research and pioneering achievements



Contact:  Dr. Stevo Bozinovski

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ECSC 246, 803-536-8662

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