1. IBM Cybersecurity Leadership Center - Selected as one of the first six HBCUs for the IBM Cybersecurity Leadership Center
  2. IBM resources - Use of IoT, Data Science, Soar, AI, SPSS, and others and in various computing/cybersecurity/Mathematics courses to provide students with skills and experience. Also, use in faculty research and training, Fall 2022 - Present. 
  3. IBM Zero Trust Training - Providing IBM Zero Trust Cybersecurity training to CS and other majors in CS 150 and other CS/Cybersecurity course, Fall 2022 – Present
  4. BS Program in Cybersecurity - Offering BS in Cybersecurity Degree Program, Fall 2022 – Present
  5. Establishment of a MAC Lab - A generous gift ($25,000) from Ms. Wilhelmina Ravenell (Manager – IT, Workforce Productivity Services, Eliy Lilly and Company), a graduate from our EET  Program, and equal matching amount from her employer (total amount $50,000) for establishing a MAC Lab in Computer Science and Mathematics Department
  6. Student Scholarships - A generous scholarship gift ($25,000) from HP for our cybersecurity majors.
  7. Degree Apprenticeship - SC HBCU Consortium on Employer Degree Apprenticeship Program in Secure Software Development with SC State Univ. as the Lead Sponsor (Registered with Department of Labor) - Hosting Face-to-Face and Virtual Panel Discussions.
  8. Workforce Development – SC HBCU Consortium, Employer Degree Apprenticeship Program, Secure Software Development, registered with Department of Labor (DoL)


  1. IBM Ambassadors – 2 Cybersecurity students are identified by IBM as the IBM Ambassadors
  2. Palmetto Cyber Defense Competition (PCDC) – 4 Cybersecurity students participated in the PCDC Competitions
  3. National Cyber League Competitions (NCL) – 20+ students participated in this activity.
  4. Undergraduate Research – 10+ students are involved in research activities with faculty funded research projects.
  5. Student Chapters/Clubs – 20+ students are involved in ACM, Cybersecurity, and IC CAE student chapters/clubs.
  6. Providing IBM Enterprise AI Training to incoming students in CS 150 – Technology and CS 151 – Introduction to Computer Science courses. This training was conducted in the course environment by the course instructors. 700+students participated in this training with 100+ students receiving the IBM AI Badge. Note that most of these students were from the CS 150 course – a GEC course required for all non-CS majors. 
  7. Student participation in Cybersecurity-related projects – 13 students were funded through a collaborative Cybersecurity grant with USC, Columbia (Lead). The grant is from the US Navy. The students worked in Groups – 4 groups with 4 projects on Malware Analysis, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning and De-Authentication attack. Students were mentored by faculty (Biswal, Liu, Sahoo, and Swain). Students will be presenting their reports to US Navy Personnel along with students from USC in March or April. 
  8. Student Participation in National Cyber League (NCL) Competition – 10 students participate in this event. Students were mentored by Prof. Sahoo. 
  9. Student Participation in the National Artificial Intelligence (AI) conference at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 4 students participated in this event. [University Relations Press Release - SC State students shine in artificial intelligence conference at MIT Innovation Headquarters] 
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