Department of Computer Science and Mathematics

As part of the College of Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers Bachelor of Science (BS) Degrees in Mathematics (Professional) and in Computer Science, and the Double Major in these disciplines. In conjunction with the College of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences, the department also offers a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics Education (Teaching of Mathematics).
A Master of Education (MED) in Mathematics (for certified teachers) and Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Mathematics (for graduate students seeking teaching certification) degrees are also offered.
The Department offices and classrooms are located in the new state of the art Engineering and Computer Science Complex. This facility has 28 labs and eight of these labs are housed in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Three labs are equipped with windows based computers.  One lab is equipped with UNIX work-stations with virtualization capability, utilizing LINUX as well as other operating systems.  The other four labs are used for students enrolled in the following courses: mathematics, statistics, robotics, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, networking, graphics, database, software engineering and other computer science courses.
Our Vision:
The Department of Computer Science and Mathematics will be known as the premier program in computational sciencesby continuously enhancing the teaching and learning environment, improving the quality of education through instruction and research, and providing quality service to our students and other constituents.

Our Objectives:
1. To provide a wide variety of courses in mathematics and computer science to meet the needs of the university population;

2. To review the course offerings of the department periodically and to ensure that the curricula provide adequate training in all areas
necessary to prepare students for graduate work, teaching, and employment in areas related to their major;

3. To provide for high standards in courses which will prepare students with the necessary tools to be successful in society;

4. To provide the kind of atmosphere in classes which will encourage students to be self-starting, self-directed, and creative in their thinking; 

5. To encourage faculty and students to seek continuous collaboration that will improve the department generally, and specifically improve the quality of instruction and research.
Note: The contents of this site is develped and maintained by Dr. Young Kim, a professor of Computer Science. Some section of this site is currently under development.
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