Educational and Lab Activities


Educational activities, Minors

The Center has two educational modules, two Minors:

  • Minor in Robotics and Embodied Intelligence
  • Minor in Biocomputing and Bioinformatics.

Students interested to expand the opportunities for employment beyond classical computer science topics, and learn about genetic engineering, walking and flying robots, intelligent systems, neuroinformatics websites, and other opportunities for employment, are encouraged to select these minors. Upon graduation, the minor(s) are part of the student transcript.


Figure: Example of a part of a graduation transcript of a student who graduated in 2021. Noted is major in Computer Science and minor in Robotics and Embodied Intelligence and minor in Biocomputing and Bioinformatics. This transcript enables student to look for a job in all areas of Computer Science as well as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Biocomputing, and Bioinformatics

Research focus

 The Center is focused on research that leads to pioneering results in science.



Lab work, robotics  

 Here are shown some photos of robots assembled and used in the lab  


Figure: 2001. A load carrying rover robot Adriel 7 of type cye was the first robot in the lab. It was obtained with help of Mr. Sam McDonald and SCSU Title III fund. Included in education in 2001. 


Figure: 2008. A versatile rover robot with various sensors and behaviors. Here shown in our lab setup for avoiding obstacles, never touching the walls of the designed maze.


 Photo: A robot arm, Introduced in education before 2001, introduced in the lab in 2006 



Photo: A biped robot, introduced in education in 2001, introduced in the lab in 2008