Data Science / Machine Learning Facility


Lambda Scalar server with 4x NVIDIA GPUs

Lambda Blade Lab Servers 

(2 Servers)

Each server has: 2 Xeon CPUs, 1 TB Ram, with (2 ~ 8) RTX 5000 GPUs Cards

 Designed for remote massive Deep Learning / Data Mining jobs

Precision 7920

Dell Precision 7920 Deep Learning Workstation (3 Workstations)

Each Workstation has:2 Xeon CPUs, 256GB RAM, 2 RTX A6000 GPU Cards (48GB each)

Designed for onsite Deep Learning / Data Mining projects

Lambda Tensorbook deep learning laptop

 Lambda Tensor Notebook

(4 Notebooks)

Intel i7 GPU, 64GB RAM,NVIDIA 3080 GPU Card


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