Research Projects

Recent Grants (Last 5 Years)

  • A Scholarship Program to Enhance Education in Computer Science and Engineering, 2013 – 2019, $615,850. PI – Nikunja Swain. Co-PI – James Anderson, James Myers, James Keller
  • K-12 Workforce Pipeline Development (CECOR Consortium) - NNSA/DOE, 2014-2020, $1,920,000. PI – Nikunja Swain (For SC State part)
  • Cybersecurity for Everybody – A Multitier Approach to Cybersecurity Education, Outreach, and Awareness in an Undergraduate Curriculum, NSF, 2019-2022, $399,000. PI – Nikunja Swain. Co-PI/Senior Personnel – Biswajit Biswal, Jagruti Sahoo
  • UNC Charlotte Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence ODNI, 2019-2024, $200,000. PI: Nikunja Swain (for SC State Part)
  • Automatic Abstraction of Determinants of Disparity from Addresses, SC Cadre with MUSC, 2020-2022, $100,000. PI: Nikunja Swain (for SC State Part). Co-PI: Young Kim
  • Secure and Optimized Internet-of-Things Deployment for Smart Farming, USDA/NIFA, 2019-2022 [$400,000, approx.]. PI – Jagruti Sahoo
  • An AI based Advanced Ag-Drone System for Local Farmers in S.C., USDA/NIFA, 2020 – 2023 [$300,000, approx.]. PI: Biswajit Biswal
  • CC* Networking Infrastructure: Bulldog Connectivity and Research, NSF, 2018-2022, $443,726.  PI: Nikunja Swain. Co-PI: Donald Walter
  • Bridging the Stem Gap: Enhancing STEM Education Using a Multitier Approach, NSF, 2019-2022, $250,000 – PI: Nikunja Swain. Senior Personnel: Donald Walter
  • Modernizing South Carolina Manufacturing Assets to Enable Industry 4.0, Clemson University as the Lead, SCRA, 2022- 2024 [$175,000, approx.]. PI: Nikunja Swain (for SC State Part)

Under Review

    • South Carolina Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Partnership, South Carolina State University as the lead. Department of Commerce (EDA Good Job Challenge Project), 2022 – 2025 [$6,458,642]. PI: Nikunja Swain