Laboratory Modules

 Laboratory modules are used for teaching, research and outreach, and the design of laboratory modules reflect these uses. We use two different laboratory settings for our cybersecurity concentration courses – virtual and face-to-face.

The virtual laboratory is from the NDG NetLAB+ ( This platform provides our students with laboratory experiences on the number of cybersecurity and computer science topics in an online environment. Our students conduct experiments in NISGTC Security+, NISGTC Network Security, NISGTC Forensics, NISGTC Ethical Hacking, CSSIA CompTIA Security+. This laboratory is also used by our academic partners at a distance.

The face-to-face to laboratory is designed with laboratory units/workstations from Marcraft ( We use these workstations/units to provide our students with hands-on laboratory experiences on application security, medical security, enterprise security, network security and ethical hacking. Both NDG labs and Marcraft labs are easy to use and pre-designed labs with instructions.

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Lab Activities